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Techcomplect LLC - Aerial platforms and special machinery manufacturer

TechComplect takes its origin since 1998. Our expertise is manufacture, repair, and service of special-purpose machinery for Ukrainian automotive market. We customize and install upper structures on proven and reliable European and Asian chassis: MAN, IVECO, RENAULT, MERCEDES, MAZ, SCANIA, FOTON, JAC etc. Aerial platforms, maintenance crew vehicles, ambulances, labs, breakdown trucks, mobile cranes, concrete mixers, truck-mounted cranes and other special vehicles for specific tasks. 

For the last 23 years we have delivered more than 35 000 units of vehicles 

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Our history

  • 1998: Year of incorporation.
  • 1998-2002: Repair and service of vehicle manufactured in Ukraine in Russia.
  • 2003-2005: Design and serial production of special machinery, PCV (passenger carrying vehicles, specialized ambulance vehicles, prisoner carrying vehicles and patrol trucks).
  • 2006-2008: Design and serial production of goods carrier truck bodies and refrigerator vans.
  • 2009-2010: Design and serial production of maintenance crew vehicles and mobile workshop trucks.
  • 2011-2013: Launch of aerial platforms serial production.
  • 2013–2014: Design and serial production of dump trailers for agriculture.
  • 2015: Serial production of hydraulic cranes.
  • 2016: Serial production of fuel trucks.
  • 2017: Launch of garbage trucks and truck-mounted cranes production.
  • 2018: Concrete mixers and multi-purpose telescopic excavators were added to the product list.
  • 2018: New HQ in Kyiv.
  • 2018: The first mobile crane (SKD and chassis mounting) was assembled at the production.
  • 2019: A new garbage truck manufacturer appeared in the portfolio of brands.
  • 2019: Cooperation with the South Korean supplier of concrete pumps began.
  • 2019 - The proposed model range from the Italian Comet brand is expanded: in addition to aerial platforms, the Techcomplect now offers truck-mounted cranes (manipulators) of this brand, also we proposal a subsidiary of the Botti brand which manufactures recovery trucks.
  • 2019 - South Korean aerial platforms Dasan appeared in the Techcomplect assortment.
  • 2020 - Techcomplect manufactures the Dasan South Korean drilling rigs, which were assembled in Ukraine and installed on Belarusian MAZ trucks. Special equipment has received full documentary support and pre-sales training. Such specialized vehicles will be used for digging holes under the transmission line support.
  • 2020 - Special equipment from the South Korean by trademark Kanglim is now available in Ukraine: truck-mounted cranes (manipulators) and drilling rigs.
  • 2020 - Our own service center operates and has provided with constant orders, where they carry out maintenance and repair of aerial platforms, truck-mounted cranes and other special equipment.
  • 2020 - At the end of the year sales of special equipment Techcomplect increased by 18.4%, moreover, due to an increase in production volumes in Ukraine, the number of  fuel trucks increased threefold, dump trucks four times, emergency repair technicks increased 2.5 times,   sales of vehicles with loader cranes had increased more than 70%.
  • 2021 - At the end of May, ukrainian manufacturers of special machinery have specialized every fourth commercial vehicle in Ukraine. In particular, Techcomplect LLC became the absolute leader in terms of production of dump trucks, and also shared the leading positions in the production of fuel trucks with Everlast (according to research by AUTO-Consulting).

Techcomplect LLC is a proven and reliable supplier of automotive machinery for security ministries, public utilities, power generating and distribution companies, construction companies etc. Techcomplect is a fully-integrated enterprise installing any type of superstructure on chassis of well-known brands.

Our facilities

Production facilities of Techcomplect comprise two units: 2500 m2 production area in Kalynivka, Kyiv region and 12000 m2 warehouse in Koshmanovka village, Poltava region.

Facilities include:

  • Engine repair workshop
  • Turnery
  • Forging shop
  • Mechanized workshop
  • Paint shop

малярно-покрасочный комплекс малярно покрасочный комплекс техкомплект 

  • Assembly shop
  • Diagnostics center 

Our production and human resources allow us to customize up to 100 vehicles per month.

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Our contacts

Telephones: +38 067 403 81 25 (viber)

Email: info@thk.kiev.ua

Skype: thkzavod

Production facilities

Michurina str., 8, Koshmanovka village, Mashevsky district, Poltava region, 39411, Ukraine

Service centre

Kievskaya str., 43/2,  Kalinovka village, Makarovsky district, Kyiv region, 08004, Ukraine

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